Enrichment Activities

Opportunity Unlocks Potential

Beyond The Classroom

At The Nursery School Company, we believe that the big world beyond the classroom is there to explore. As part of our curriculum we organise a wide range of excursions which provide rich learning opportunities that stimulate curiosity and inspire new interests.

These fun but educational activities support the development of children’s social skills and self-confidence.

The opportunities that we provide at The Nursery School Company complement and enhance the learning opportunities inside the nursery environment and expand children’s experiences, helping them reach their full potential.

Activities Include:

  • Theatre Trips
  • Animal Sanctuaries Trips
  • Fire Station Trips
  • Fruit Picking Trips

Within The Classroom

Offering an enhanced curriculum which provides greater opportunities for our children continues inside the classroom. We include additional classes such as language, music and yoga.

The Nursery School Company also invites a wide range of professionals from the community to visit our nurseries to enhance our children’s learning and understanding.

Activities Include:

  • Sports Sessions
  • Music Classes
  • Language Classes
  • Cooking Classes

Included in fees

All activities are provided at no extra cost


Enrichment activities for children of all ages


Our activities run throughout the year