At The Nursery School Company we have play at the very heart of our ethos. Our settings have been thoughtfully designed to allow children the opportunity to enjoy learning. We designed our innovative and exciting curriculum to give children the widest range of opportunities. The success of our approach can be measured in the children’s high level of achievement.

Our Approach

Our educational approach has been brought together using twenty years of experience in the early years. We use the Forest School approach to inform and underpin our outdoor curriculum. We also take influences from other early years philosophers including High Scope, Reggio Emilia and the Montessori method.

Whilst we draw on these methods, we are constantly evolving to ensure that the latest scientific findings reflect the modern world and the educational experiences the children are exposed to. For example working to provide STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) influences whilst also ensuring that we put emotional well-being at the heart of early years practice.

Maria Montessori 

Children are given the freedom to work at their own pace making their own choices and correcting their own mistakes. Montessori method allows children to learn the way they learn best, by doing things for themselves. During independent activities children are encouraged to choose work that appeals to their interests. The teacher will also introduce new work to the children according to their abilities and stage of development.


High Scope

High Scope is an approach to early years education that has at its core the belief that children gain confidence, initiative and a lifelong love of learning when involved in well-supported activities of their own choosing. A consistent and flexible daily routine which provides for child and adult initiated activities.

  • Opportunities to choose, plan, carry out and reflect on their activities
  • Opportunities for children to engage in the active participatory learning process
  • Adults who value and appreciate children and provide a creative and supportive learning climate

Forest school 

Forest School is a child-centred inspirational learning process, that offers opportunities for holistic growth through regular sessions. Forest school supports play, exploration and supported risk taking. It develops confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting. Its roots reach back to the open-air culture seen as a way of life in Scandinavia where Forest School began.


Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia sees children as curious individuals with the power and potential to develop and learn from their environment and the relationships they build with others. Children are viewed as strong and intelligent individuals who should be given every opportunity to reach their potential.

Children are viewed as having unlimited potential and being eager to interact with and contribute to the world.

The learning process is considered to be of much higher importance than the final product. Teachers create in-depth projects based on observations, information from parents and the interests of the children.

Our Aims:

  • Provide families access to an exceptional early years education.
  • Support children to be independent learners having the opportunity to be imaginative and critical thinkers.
  • Develop close relationships with families to enhance childrens sense of belonging.
  • Lay the foundations for future learning.
  • Support children to develop high standards of behaviour, respect and tolerance for others.

Founder's Welcome

Catherine Harvey
Ba Hons in Early Childhood Studies, EYPS, DipNEBOSH

I sit and write this on a freezing February morning in lockdown. My youngest daughter Hattie is still in her pyjamas, diligently creating a flower arrangement with play-doh and slightly wilted Valentines roses (note to self, next to the Aga is probably not the best place to keep flowers fresh). Hattie is very proud of her creation; however, she chooses to share her work not with me but with her best friend Willow (our cocker spaniel). Willow has become her confidant during lockdown.

Since Hattie arrived in our lives 18 months ago, our experience of having a lockdown toddler has sometimes been stressful but it has mostly been amazing. Her optimism and energy keep us present (after all I think it’s impossible to ignore a toddler). Needless to say, that binging Netflix has not been my life. Hattie is my entertainment. She’s my amusement and my full- time job (along with my full- time job). I watch in awe of how she rules and guides her own development, from her first physical milestones to her constant joy of music and how squeezing herself into cupboards is her favourite pastime.

Children require consistency, love, support and opportunities to be happy and develop in their own holistic way. This is what we bring you at The Nursery School Company. With our highly qualified educators, our thoughtfully designed Nurseries and the wonderful experiences we include, we support and develop an understanding of the real world, extending learning and following children’s excitement and wonder of the world.

I have worked as an early years professional for 20 years and previously founded a chain of outstanding day nurseries in the Midlands. This valuable work has afforded me the opportunity to develop and hone a truly bespoke service for children in their preschool years.

Having Hattie has also served to remind me of what is important in an early years environment both for children and parents. Somewhere safe and trustworthy where open and honest communication is integral, whilst providing the best possible start to achieve the high aspirations we all have for our children. As a parent I also want somewhere which pays attention to the little things, those little touches which show real care for my child.

To this end, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome you to The Nursery School Company, taking all of my 20 years of early year’s experience to provide an amazing nursery that I am truly proud to share with you.

I truly believe we offer something very special, come along and visit us to see (and feel) why.