Forest & Beach School

Self confidence through exploration

Choosing to open our childcare settings in Sussex is not a coincidence. It was carefully selected due to the area offering the most incredibly diverse landscapes. Sussex is blessed with beautiful coastline and enchanting woodland allowing a vast array of outdoor opportunities.

Our founder Catherine, completed her training as a Forest School practitioner over ten years ago and is a passionate advocate of the benefits of outdoor learning in the early years.

Outdoor Specialists

Our expert outdoor educators:

Catherine Harvey

Level 3 Forest School Practitioner

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What is Forest School?

Forest School is a long term holistic learning process that aims to raise confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem in children. Regular sessions take place in a woodland or natural environments, where the landscape itself adds to the experience of learning.

Qualified practitioners, trained in child development and learning theories, facilitate sessions tailored to meet individual outcomes for each participant. Forest School training can be applied to all age groups and abilities and can be linked to the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

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What is Beach School?

Beach School is a completely new and unforgettable way for children to immerse themselves in the wonders of the UK’s seaside. We aim to improve students’ knowledge about their local coastal environment by connecting them with nature; opening their eyes to this amazing habitat and inspiring them to care for our coasts. Beach School is a new concept and a natural adjunct to Forest School.

The child-led learning ethos is still the same, it is just the surroundings that are different. Beach school is a well-rounded, flexible, child-focused approach with underlying principles adopted from the Forest School model. It is unique in emphasising learning outside of the classroom while providing children with the freedom to observe the ever-changing environment, to take risks and to learn to assess risk for themselves through adults’ open-ended questions.

Included in Fees

All programmes are provided at no extra cost


Off-site activities for all children aged 3+


Programmes run throughout the year